Fedora Asahi Remix User Guide

Welcome to the Fedora Asahi Remix user guide!

Fedora Asahi Remix is an adaptation of Fedora Linux for Apple Silicon Mac computers. It aims to offer a stable and reliable experience while bringing you the latest improvements in platform support.

Introduction to Fedora Asahi Remix

Fedora Asahi Remix is a variant of Fedora Linux. It looks, feels and behaves like a regular desktop operating system, and the experience is similar to what you find with using a standard Fedora Linux desktop.

About this guide

In most cases, Fedora Asahi Remix behaves like a standard Fedora Linux installation, and the standard Fedora documentation can be used. This guide covers those areas where Fedora Asahi Remix differs from a standard Fedora Linux, including:

Known bugs

Fedora Asahi Remix is considered stable since its first release based on Fedora Linux 39.

A list of currently known bugs, issues and missing features is compiled in the Remix issue tracker. Feel free to open a new one if you find something missing or broken.