Mentored Project

Fedora Project participates in multiple mentored project programs and is actively looking for new mentors, projects and programs that fit the criteria and can help the project/community grow.

Two main programs that the Fedora Project has been a part of for a long time are


What are the different roles that people can play in the mentored projects workflow?

  • Intern.

  • Mentor.

    • Pitching a project

    • Joining an existing project

  • Program manager.

  • Mentored project coordinator.

How to get from a ‘project idea’ to ‘running an internship with Fedora’?

Want to be an intern with Fedora project?

Intern application process varies from project to project. Please refer to some fedora page to check the existing programs where Fedora is participating.

Want to be a mentor?

In Fedora there are 2 kind of mentors.

  • Who guide mentees and work with them on the project. To mentor a project, you need to first contact the Mindshare/mentored-projects team by creating an issue on the mentored-projects gitlab. Please, check the project elegibility criteria defined by Fedora community.

  • Who coordinate the programs. They collaborate closely with Mindshare committee. They are responsible to provide proper communication with interns, project mentors, ensuring feedback/evaluation submission and ensure project mentors are following Fedora community guidelines.

Want to propose a project?

In order to propose a project, follow these steps.

  • Check the existing programs where Fedora project is participating. link to a webpage

  • Check the eligibility criteria for running a project under Fedora.

  • Mentoring is a time consuming activity and is not meant to reduce your project workload. When volunteering as a mentor, you are committing time and effort to guide and help a newcomer.

  • Open an issue on mentored-projects gitlab and choose the template for the program you consider is a good fit for your project.

Eligibility criteria used for running a project under Fedora

Fedora project will evaluate all the projects proposed and will use the following criteria to accept or reject them. A project should meet one of the following criteria:

  • The project is directly related to Fedora project

    • Fedora branding with the project

    • We use the project to build our operating system

    • We use the project inside by Fedora project

  • The project is heavily used by Fedora project

  • The project provides a direct benefit to Fedora project

Interns onboarding process

Note: This process is to enable summer coding participants to communicate with the community | With Mindshare, I mean Mindshare: Mentored project representative hereafter

  • Within two weeks of announcing accepted students (by Google Summer of Code and Outreachy committee), Mindshare coordinates with mentors, students, and general mentors to publish intern introduction blog posts on the community blog for the respective programs.

  • Mentors ensure that Students are posting a post every 2-3 weeks once the coding period starts. (Can we use fedocal to set reminder and send an email to the summer-coding/outreachy list? - needs discussion)

    The post should ideally contain

    • Community Interaction

    • Project updates/roadmaps

    • Challenges/success

    • Other things they want to share

  • Summer coding showcase session in Flock/One of the monthly Council calls

  • Post coding period, Mindshare to publish a magazine post with:

    • Outcomes of the GSoC/Outreachy projects

    • Fedora participation in outreach programs

    • Reflection

    • Links to the interns' work

    • What’s Next: (Ideas and Call for participation)