Fedora IoT Working Group

The Fedora IoT Working Group develops and maintains the Fedora IoT Edition. If you’d like to join us, introduce yourself and pitch in!


We primarily communicate by the Fedora IoT mailing list and the #fedora-iot IRC channel on Libera.Chat (bridged to #iot on chat.fedoraproject.org). Check the IoT calendar for meeting times and locations.

Contributing to Fedora IoT

There’s a number of components that make up Fedora IoT. The upstream source components for general projects like the Zezere and Greenboot reside on the Fedora IoT GitHub page.

For the source for Fedora specific things like compose configs, we have the Fedora IoT Pagure organisation which contains the various git repositories for building Fedora IoT.

Docs and upstream component sources are on GitHub.

Bugs are tracked in Red Hat Bugzilla using the IoT tracker bug for bugs reported against other components and the IoT component for IoT-specific issues.