The Community Platform Engineering Team

The Community Platform Engineering Team (CPE) is a Red Hat team dedicated to the Fedora and CentOS projects where they contribute to the infrastructure and release engineering.

Our Mission

Our mission rests on three axes:

Our Mission
Figure 1: Our Mission
  • Infrastructure/release-engineering: To provide power and ping to the different systems that are used and manage the releases of our communities.

  • Application maintenance: For the applications that we maintain, we work on bug fixes, new features and community development.

  • Initiatives: For a limited time and scope we dedicate some of our engineers and administrators to initiatives deemed important and beneficial to the communities we are involved in.

One of the key challenges this team faces is balancing these three axes. For this reason, we developed the following Mission Statement.

Our Responsibilities

Our responsibilities are scoped in our mission statement:

Our Mission Statement

The Community Platform Engineering Team is responsible for the infrastructure and services that support developing, building, and releasing of Fedora and CentOS platform artifacts and deliverables, including:

  • Hosting, automating, monitoring and maintaining infrastructure components

  • Service monitoring and lifecycle management of services hosted within our infrastructure

  • Feature development for infrastructure-related initiatives

  • Tooling to enable all of the above

Why a Mission Statement?

A mission statement means the team shares a common vision about what our work is or should be. It gives us clear boundaries for our work and it helps us having a critical view on our work (current or in the future): “Does this fit our mission statement?”. With this in mind we can focus on bringing more value to the community. In other words, we want to maximize our value and impact in a targeted mission rather than having limited impact on a broad spectrum.