Fedora Workstation Working Group

Fedora Workstation is Fedora’s official desktop edition. It aims to be a compelling desktop OS which is appropriate for a wide range of users, especially for software developers. Workstation is built on a technology base that is shared with the other official Fedora editions, and is the product of work that happens across the Fedora project. It is also a project in its own right and can make independent technical decisions.

The Workstation Working Group is the team which is responsible for Fedora Workstation. It is comprised of official members who have decision making powers, as well as other contributors. The working group is subordinate to FESCo.


The Workstation Working Group strives to make Fedora Workstation a compelling and competitive desktop OS, particularly for developers. Where possible, it aims to have a guidance and steering role, though it does also hold ultimate responsibility for Workstation technical decisions.

The working group’s main roles include:

  • Tracking and coordinating technical and UX changes

  • Final decision making on Workstation technical decisions

  • Ensuring quality in the Workstation product

  • Setting and steering technical direction

  • Workstation promotion and evangelism

  • Coordinating Workstation activities with the rest of the Fedora project

  • Developing the Workstation contributor community

See what we do for a more detailed list of activities.

Getting in touch, contributing


Meetings are open to all current and potential workstation contributors.

See the mailing list for more details, including agendas and minutes.

Policies and resources