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Fedora 30 User Documentation

Fedora 文档说明了如何安装和使用 Fedora 操作系统,以及由 Fedora 项目打包的软件。

This section contains three books about Fedora 30:

Fedora 文档项目只积极维护最新版本和前一个版本的文档。我们还保留了这个网站上的旧文档,以供历史参考,并感谢许多作家和翻译家的慷慨贡献。1997 年,理查德·斯塔尔曼写道:

"The biggest deficiency in free operating systems is not in the software — it is the lack of good free manuals that we can include in these systems.”[1]

We thank everybody who worked hard to correct that deficiency for previous versions of Fedora.

1. Free Software and Free Manuals, available from