Get Involved

Welcome to Fedora!

This guide is intended for people that are interested in learning more about Fedora, perhaps with the intention of getting involved and contributing to the community.

You can refer to the Getting Help and Project Communications pages for more specific information on how to find assistance via documentation and the various communication channels, such as Ask Fedora, and Fedora Chat (powered by Matrix).

What is Fedora?

As described under Mission and Foundations, the Fedora Project is a community of people working together to build a Free and Open Source software platform: the Fedora Operating System, and its various editions. You can learn more about the Project; our leadership; brand; current Community Initiatives and how we are organised using the pages linked in the left hand sidebar.

If you are looking to contribute and already have an idea of how and what to do, go ahead and get started! If you are not so sure, read on.

Contributing to Fedora

Fedora is a massive global organisation where people with many different skills carry out different roles to keep the community ticking along. All services used by the Fedora community are linked to a central Fedora account. If you’re intending to get involved you should get one here.

There is an excellent article in Fedora Magazine covering in some detail the various ways you might get started.

Not sure where to start? Come hang out with us!

The large scale of the community can sometimes make it a little daunting for new folks to join us. There is far too much happening in Fedora all the time---even we find it hard to keep up with it all! So, if you are not sure of where to begin or have any queries at all, come hang out with the Fedora Join Special Interest Group (SIG) on any of our channels:

Here, you can speak to community members and other newcomers while we explore Fedora together. We will help you learn the systems and processes that the Fedora community uses, and as you gain a better idea of where you would like to contribute, we will also help you learn the skills that you may need.

Taking initiative is an important quality in successful contributors. So, go on, join a channel and introduce yourself to the community now!