Google Season of Docs Ideas

Fedora was unfortunately not selected as a GSoD mentoring organization. We are still happy to work with folks on these ideas though!

If you are looking forward to participating in Google Season of Docs with Fedora, please feel free to browse this idea list. There may be additional ideas added during the application period.

Now please go read the What Can I do Today section of the main page. This has the answers to your questions and tells you how to apply

Do not hesitate to contact the mentors or org admins listed on this page for any questions or clarification.

Org Admins and Mentors

The following contributors are available to provide general help and support for the GSoD program.

  • Petr Bokoč: Professional Technical Writer with Red Hat focused on Fedora and other community documentation.

  • Shaun McCance: Upstream Documentation focused Community Human with extensive experience in Gnome and other communities.

  • Brian (bex) Exelbierd: The Fedora Community Action and Impact Coordinator who has worked as a technical writer and has experience with our documentation build system, development, and Linux. He is also a co-administrator for this program.

  • Sumantro Mukherjee: Co-administrator for this program with extensive experience in new contributor onboarding, development, and Linux.

Idea list

The list is subjected to changes as the program proceeds.

  • Refactor the Fedora Installation Guide to provide an improved user experience or a more accessible information architecture. This document could be split by Edition (Workstation, Server, etc.) to focus on the needs of that target audience. Text should be shared where possible to make ongoing maintenance easier.

  • Update and republish our old Network Guide (and other guides) that haven’t been updated for the latest releases. These guides are currently unpublished and need some love.

  • Review, update and add new Quick Docs documentation at

  • Consolidate and update the various Documentation Contributor Guides to reflect our latest infrastructure for publishing and submission.

  • Update and enhance current contributor documentation, including developing ASCIIDoc markup guidelines and providing a set of ASCIIDoc snippets for common text editors (Atom, Vim, Emacs, Gedit).

  • Create a documentation set aimed at users completely new to Linux and Fedora in particular, focusing on describing alternatives to software commonly used on other operating systems (such as web browsers, productivity suites, video/music players, image/video editing software…), and concepts such as package management and updates.