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IBus 1.5.19

  • In the previous release, typing Ctrl+Shift+E shortcut key launched an IBus emoji dialog and users typed an emoji annotation in the input entry of the dialog and the input entry could convert the annotation to an emoji character. Now the shortcut key enables the emoji input mode on each application using IBus pre-edit feature without launching the IBus emoji dialog. This feature can keep the current input focus to get the emoji characters and no longer hide the current input context with the emoji dialog.

  • The feature of typing Unicode code points is now separated from the feature of typing Ctrl+Shift+E and Ctrl+Shift+U is assigned to type Unicode code poionts and both shortcut keys can be customized with ibus-setup utility.

  • This release now shows a pre-edit text when users type compose keys. E.g. Multi_key+apostrophe+E shows the apostrophe “'” on the pre-edit at first and outputs “é”.

  • ibus-hangul 1.5.1 starts with Latin mode by default. This setting can be changed in setup dialog, or use toggle keys Shift+space and Hangul to switch the Hangul mode.

Chinese, Japanese and Korean now use Noto font by default

In Fedora 29, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean (CJK) languages use the Google Noto font by default. Each language has a sans-serif, serif, and monospace font from the Noto family.

Note that in order to suppress the increase in disk space requirements brought about by this change, all CJK fonts have also been unified into a single OpenType Collection format file per weight-variant.

Liberation fonts 2.00

Liberation fonts have been upgraded to version 2.00.3 from version 1.07.5 which was available in previous Fedora releases. The new version brings much greater character coverage (roughly 3-4 times more characters), and changes the license from Liberation to Open Font License (OFL).

Note that version 2.00 does not provide bytecode hinting instructions, while the previous version did. If you wish to continue using version 1.07.5, you can use the liberation-fonts COPR repository.