MVN_BUILD(7)                  Java Packages Tools                 MVN_BUILD(7)

       mvn_build - build Maven project with XMvn

       %mvn_build [options] [-- Maven-arguments]

       mvn_build macro builds Maven project by calling XMvn and generates
       reactor structure information to be used by mvn_install.

       By default Maven phase verify and goal javadoc:aggregate are executed,
       as well as some additional XMvn-specific goals or phases. If -f is
       specified then phase package is executed instead of verify. If -j is
       given then goal javadoc:aggregate is skipped.

       Any arguments after -- are passed directly to XMvn. See xmvn(1) for
       more information on availability of XMvn options.

       -d, --xmvn-debug
           Enable XMvn debugging output. This option causes XMvn to write
           verbose debugging information to standard output. Debugging
           information includes at least details about artifact resolution
           from system repositories.

       -f, --force
           Skip compilation and execution of unit and integration tests, as
           well as resolution of build dependencies with scope test. This
           option causes Maven phase package to be executed instead of default
           phase verify, defines property maven.test.skip=true which disables
           compilation and execution of tests and causes XMvn to remove any
           project dependencies with scope test.

       -i, --skip-install
           Skip artifact installation. This option disables generation of
           reactor structure information so that future calls to mvn_install
           will not result in installation of artifacts produced in current
           Maven reactor.

       -j, --skip-javadoc
           Skip javadoc generation. This option skips running Maven Javadoc
           Plugin. Useful for packages which don’t want to produce Java API

       -s, --singleton
           Enable singleton packaging (one artifact per package). This option
           causes artifacts with identical artifactId to be installed as part
           of the same subpackage. This behavior can be further customized by
           adding more specific packaging rules with mvn_package.

       -X, --debug
           Enable Maven debugging output. Implies -d. This option causes Maven
           to write verbose debugging information to standard output.

           Run XMvn in online mode. If xmvn_bootstrap RPM macro is defined to
           any value then XMvn is ran in online mode. Otherwise XMvn is ran in
           offline mode. Online mode of XMvn allows missing dependency
           artifacts to be fetched from remote repositories. This behavior is
           mostly useful when bootstrapping new packages, which dependecies
           have not yet been packaged.

           Defining this macro to any value is equivalent to -f option.

           Defining this macro to any value is equivalent to -j option.

       Originally written by Mikolaj Izdebski. Versions 3.0.0 and later were
       written by Stanislav Ochotnicky.

       Bugs should be reported through Java Packages Tools issue tracker at

       mvn_alias(7), mvn_compat_version(7), mvn_config(7), mvn_file(7),
       mvn_package(7), xmvn(1).

JAVAPACKAGES                      07/21/2022                      MVN_BUILD(7)