2024 Fedora events

The Fedora Community Architect, Justin W. Flory, hosted a workshop with Nick Bebout to brainstorm together in the open about ways of using the Fedora community events budget in 2024. This page captures feedback shared by participants on sticky notes during the workshop. These were events or types of events that community members wished to see a Fedora presence in 2024.

Flagship Fedora events

Flagship Fedora events are main events for all Fedora contributors. These are typically run at a global scale and represent major congregations of people who work in and around the Fedora community.

  • Fedora Flock

    • A Flock in LATAM or APAC?

  • Fedora Hatch

  • Fedora Mentor Summit

  • Fedora hackfests: Great way to gather in-person with your team and work on new ideas.

  • Fedora Release Parties (virtual)

Community ecosystem events

Community ecosystem events are ones where our upstreams or neighborly Linux communities gather. There is a strategic importance for Fedora to participate and attend these events, so that Fedora efforts and initiatives are represented across the Linux and open source ecosystem.


  • KDE aKademy

  • openSUSE Conference

  • Academic conferences (e.g. NeuroFedora)

Local & regional events & festivals

These are open source and Linux-focused events and festivals that happen on a smaller scale in cities or in a region/state. Typically, Fedora does not send representatives or Ambassadors internationally to attend these events, but local Fedora community members may participate as speakers or organize a booth to talk about Fedora with their local communities.

  • Local meetups to talk to other groups

  • Fedora Women’s Day

  • Local events

  • Community outreach (local)

  • Regional Linux festivals

    • LinuxFest Northwest (LFNW), near Seattle, Washington, US

    • Boston LinuxFest

  • Support local events (i.e. community and universities)

    • Help with swag and paying for a venue

European open source events

  • FOSDEM, in Brussels, BE

    • Fedora booth was great there in 2023

  • DevConf CZ, in Brno, CZ

  • FOSS Backstage, in Berlin, DE

LATAM open source events

  • Launching a new, big event for Fedora contributors in LATAM?

  • Fedora University: An old idea about promoting Fedora Linux and the Fedora community to students in local universities.

  • Presence at community events in Spanish (LATAM)

  • FLISoL

  • PyCon LATAM



  • Support to cross-border meeting events in LATAM

  • Conference Panamá

  • Conference LATAM

North America open source events

  • FOSS Yearly (FOSSY), in Portland, Oregon, US