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A new version of librealsense has been released to support new models of RealSense cameras. The librealsense library will be upgraded to the new release. The previous version of the library will be changed to librealsense1 to support older model RealSense cameras.

New Cameras supported by the updated version of librealsense library include: D400, D410, D415, D420, D430, D435, D4m.

Older Cameras that can be supported by the previous library now named librealsense1: R200, F200, SR300, LR200, ZR300 For more information about librealsense please visit their github page: link:[]

Sugar 0.112

Sugar is a free and open-source desktop environment designed for interactive learning by children. In Fedora 28, Sugar has been updated to version 0.112. Information about the new features in Sugar is available in the Sugar 0.112 release notes.