Requirements to promote Fedora IoT to an official edition

This is based on the Edition promotion process pending approval from the Fedora Council. Historical information is included below for reference, although it is now incredibly out of date.


Requirement Status Additional information

The candidate Edition must be backed by a team that holds regular public meetings


The candidate Edition must get trademark approval from the Fedora Council


The candidate Edition must have a product requirements document



Pre-submission steps

Requirement Status Additional information

Review test cases and release criteria with QA


Work with Release Engineering


Composes are being produced

Post-submission steps

Request design deliverables

Provide updated website content


Basic content is on Further content will be needed as we finalize the web site.

Notify Documentation and Translation teams


Provide marketing blurbs


Historical content

Phase one: MVP Edition launch (timeframe: July. Before Flock.)

  • Items for IoT team to complete

    • F-30 published on stable ostree repo

      • Currently on “devel” branch — need F30 to be the stable one instead of F29

      • This is something Peter can do, but for F31 this should be integrated into proper QA & Rel-Eng process. Need procedures and to define clear roles.

    • Clean up release process

    • New ostrees and new ISOs

    • Equivalent of two-week Atomic release process, but monthly

    • Initial basic docs for release process

      • So that not everything is just in Peter’s head

    • Update release criterial documentation

    • Automatic updates enabled for F-30 release images

      • This is a change to ostree configuration to match CoreOS

    • Update fedora-release-iot defaults and settings, add greenboot

      • PR from IoT team

      • Package owned by release engineering so CPE team expected to review and integrate PR

      • Review move to standard Fedora keys if ostree key rollover works

    • Review of outstanding tickets for features/fixes

  • Web site(s) updates

    • New content for the IoT page

      • Content from IoT team

      • Design from ??? (will ask OSPO)

      • Integration work into new web system from CPE

      • Parity with existing for automatic updates when new images come out with

    • New content for front page presenting the edition

      • Any text from CPE team

      • Design to match existing front page

      • Update to front page from ???

    • Redirect from to new getfedora edition page

Phase two: Ideal target, Fedora 31 GA (October)

  • ARMv7 supported images (actually aiming this for phase 1)

  • Container pipeline for supported architectures

    • x86_64, ARMv7, aarch64

    • Current state: just x86_64, so we need ARM

      • Donated aarch64 hardware exists but is being used as koji builders

      • Note hardware was donated for this purpose

        • Possible future: i686

        • This is the big request for CPE

  • IoT Toolbox container

    • X86_64, ARMv7, aarch64

    • This is an IoT team thing

  • A number of containers for IoT demo use cases

    • X86_64, ARMv7, aarch64

    • Also handed by IoT team

  • Publish “devel” image with toolbox container, and “production” image without toolbox

    • This is a rel-eng change, but PT from IoT team, because we’re adding additional deliverables