Getting access

1. Get a Fedora Account: If you don’t already have one, sign up here. Note that contributors are required to sign the Fedora Project Contributor Agreement (FPCA).

2. Sign in to the Fedora Magazine: Sign in to the Fedora Magazine WordPress dashboard using your Fedora Account.

3. Sign in to the Kanban board: Sign in to the Pagure Kanban board using your Fedora Account.

This is so the account is known to the system and you can edit card meta-data. If an editor has already created a card for your idea, you should be able to assign the card to yourself. You will have to request that the card’s overall status (i.e. the column that it is in on the board) be changed by leaving a comment in the card’s comment section. Only the editors can update the card’s status/column.

4. Join the Magazine forum and introduce yourself: Join the discussion on the Fedora Magazine Discourse forum. This is where we discuss everything to do with the Fedora Magazine. Introduce yourself and tell us that you wish to contribute to the Fedora Magazine. The Fedora Magazine editors monitor this Discourse forum and will be able to help you and answer any Fedora Magazine related questions.