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Perl 5.30

Fedora 31 trae Perl 5.30. Los principales cambios incluyen:

  • Se soporta Unicode 12.1

  • El límite superior n que se puede especificar como cuantificador de una expresión regular en e formato {m,n}` ha sido doblado a 65534

  • Los Comodines en las especificaciones de valor de propiedad en Unicode son ahora soportados parcialmente

  • Ahora se soporta qr'\N{name}'

  • Ahora es posible compilar perl para usar siempre operaciones de configuración regional seguras para subprocesos

  • Limited variable length lookbehind in regular expression pattern matching is now experimentally supported

  • Use faster method to convert to UTF-8

  • Turkic UTF-8 locales are now seamlessly supported

  • Eliminate opASSIGN macro usage from core

  • -Drv now means something on -DDEBUGGING builds

Removed features and incompatible changes include:

  • Removed modules: Math::BigInt::CalcEmu, arybase, Locale::Code, B::Debug

  • Pattern delimiters now must be graphemes

  • Delimiters must now be graphemes

  • Some formerly deprecated uses of an unescaped left brace { in regular expression patterns are now illegal

  • Assigning non-zero to $[ is fatal

  • Previously deprecated sysread()/syswrite() on :utf8 handles now fatal

  • my() in false conditional prohibited

  • Fatalize $* and $#

  • Fatalize unqualified use of dump()

  • Remove File::Glob::glob()

  • pack() no longer can return malformed UTF-8

  • Any set of digits in the Common script are legal in a script run of another script

  • JSON::PP enable allow_nonref by default

  • Site paths moved from /usr/local/…/perl5 to /usr/local/…/perl5/5.30

The following features are deprecated:

  • In XS code, use of various macros dealing with UTF-8.

You can find additional information in the upstream perldelta document.