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Configurar un kernel instalado para que arranque de forma predeterminada

Para configurar un kernel instalado para que arranque de forma predeterminada, primero compruebe los kernels instalados en el sistema.

sudo ls /boot | grep vmlinuz

Identify the kernel to be set to boot by default.

Use the following command to set the default kernel to boot:

sudo grubby --set-default /boot/vmlinuz-<version>.<release>.<arch>

Here is a sample output (on an x84_64 architecture system):

sudo ls /boot | grep vmlinuz


If vmlinuz-<version>.<release>.<arch> is chosen to be set as the default, we issue the following command:

sudo grubby --set-default /boot/vmlinuz-<version>.<release>.<arch>

For the above scenario, the command will look like so

sudo grubby --set-default /boot/vmlinuz-5.12.18-200.fc33.x86_64