How to run the Fedora Annual Contributor Survey

Survey Schedule

  • Apr 1st: Open Fedora Council ticket to track progress and collect feedback

  • Apr 1st: Open Badges ticket to request badge design & publication

  • April 1st: Open Design ticket to request banner design

  • May 1st: Open Websites and Apps Team ticket to request banner published on Fedora sites

  • May 15-24th: Update LimeSurvey data according to the changes in the Survey Questions accumulated over the last year.

  • May 24-31st: Review of actual survey in LimeSurvey. Approval from FCA is necessary at this step.

  • June 1st: Publish Community Blog Post promoting survey

  • June 1st-30th: Survey runs

    • June 1st: Announce survey is open for month of June on IRC and Twitter

    • June 15th: Two week reminder to fill out survey on IRC and Twitter

    • June 30th: One day reminder to fill out survey on IRC and Twitter

  • July 1st-31st: First round of survey analysis

  • First weekend in August: Flock to Fedora/Nest with Fedora presentation

  • By end of August: Publish Community Blog. Post with results, analysis, and overview of presence at Flock/Nest.


Fedora Badges

Each year we generate a Fedora Badge that survey recipients can claim when they submit their survey responses. A ticket needs to be opened on the Badges repo requesting the badge. The panda graphic stays the same, and the year is updated accordingly. This ticket should be opened by April 1st in order to give the Badges team enough time to generate the artwork, push the badge to the website, and provide a claim link to the Survey team.

Past Badges

Community Blog Post

Each year we need to write at least two blog posts for the survey. The first one is to promote taking the survey, the second features the released dataset and any findings. These are published on the CommBlog, make sure to follow the guidelines. The promotional blog post should then be pinned on Discussion.fpo for the month the survey is open.

Fedora Websites Banner

To help ensure we reach the maximum number of Fedora contributors, we promote the survey across as many Fedora spaces as possible including our websites. This work is done with the assistance of the Design Team and the Websites & Apps Team.

The first step is to open a ticket on the Design Team pagure to get any updates on artwork. This ticket should be opened by April 1st, and closed by May 1st. If there are no changes from the Design Team, proceed with the previous design. Once the artwork is finalized, a ticket is opened on the Websites & Apps Team repo to get it published. This ticket should be opened by May 1st and needs continuous check-ins. The websites that we aim to cover are:

Mailing Lists

A lot of folks are on multiple mailing lists so it is important to choose high level "announce" channels over team channels. A short email should be sent with a link to the Community Blog post as well as a link directly to the survey.

IRC & Twitter

For increased visibility we also promote the survey on IRC and Twitter. This should be done sparingly as their is a potential for it to feel spammy. It could potentially go to other social media platforms but the main audience for that platform should be contributors not users. Don’t forget to remind people they can earn a badge!

  • IRC & Twitter

    • (June 1st) Announce survey is open for month of June

    • (June 15th) Two week reminder to fill out survey

    • (June 30th) One day reminder to fill out survey

Storage and process to make changes

  • Take markdown file in Fedora Council repo

    • PR’s reviewed and accepted to markdown file through out the year

    • git diff to locate the differences and make changes directly in the LimeSurvey UI two weeks prior to running survey

  • Take the lss-file of the previous survey

  • Upload lss-file to LimeSurvey under you personal account

  • Add all changes from the Markdown file as accumulated over the year using Lime Survey interface

  • Export lss-file and submit it as an update to this repository

  • Share the update lss-file with LimeSurvey Wrangler so that new Survey is created under Fedora account.