Election opening SOP

This document outlines the procedure for opening the post-release election cycle. This covers two parallel activities: . Collection of questions to use in interviews . Opening the nomination period


This process occurs on the day following the final release.


  • Make sure an "I Voted" badge has been created for this election cycle. If it has not, open an issue with the Badges team.

  • Edit the election banner template in the wiki to update the dates and current status

  • Edit the Elections docs page to point to the current release’s schedule

  • Add a milestone for the release in the elections-interviews repo roadmap

  • Create tracking issues for each of the elections in the elections-interviews repo. These issues can be used to tie interview tickets to the specific election.

Interview questionnaires

Open a ticket with each of Council, FESCo, and Mindshare Committee to see if they want to change the questions. Include:

  • The deadline for finalizing questions. If they have not provided updated questions by the deadline, use the previous cycle’s questions.

  • The questions used in the previous cycle.

Nomination pages

  • Update wiki pages for each election (Council, FESCo, Mindshare):

    • Update any references to the version

    • Update the list of ending terms

    • Clear the candidates table

    • Remove edit protection

Announce beginning of nomination period

  • Publish a Community Blog post with:

    • Links to the wiki pages

    • Nomination deadline

    • General information

    • The "sticky" bit set

Copy the previous election’s post with dates and versions updated. The F38 post is a good example.
  • Send an email with a link to the Community Blog post and a link to the wiki page(s) to:

    • announce list (all elections)

    • devel-announce list (FESCo election)

  • Post to Fedora Discussion with a link to the Community Blog post and a link to the wiki page in the:

    • #council tag (Council election)

    • #mindshare tag (Mindshare election)

Halfway through the nomination period, nudge the emails (only devel) and Discussion threads to remind people of the nomination deadline.