Contribute to Fedora IoT Edition

Fedora IoT is made up of many components, including a lot that are part of the main Fedora project, so there is a number of places where you may contribute. This is by no means a canonical source for contribution, if you don’t see an area where which seems to match please see the getting help section for general ways to engage with us to get answers to your questions.

If you’re interested in joining the Fedora IoT Working Group, check out the IoT WG docs.

Reporting IoT bugs

If you are seeing issues with software that is included in the Fedora IoT Edition that is not necessarily specific to IoT the bug should be reported against the specific Fedora component. There’s details on how to do that in the how to file a bug doc.

If you know which component the bug is in, file a bug in Red Hat Bugzilla against the Fedora product and the component in question. Set the bug to block the IoT Bugzilla tracker.

If you don’t know which component to use or would to request a new package or feature be added to Fedora IoT, you can file an issue in the IoT Distro Issue tracker in Github.

The provisioning portal is a project called Zezere. You can report bugs and file feature requests on the Zezere project page.

Getting IoT help

Weekly meetings

We meet every Wednesday 14:00UTC (10:00EST) in the Fedora meeting room on Matrix. Feel free to hop in and join the discussion!