Contributing to Minimization

Are you interested in minimizing the installation footprint various Fedora bits and pieces? Are you interested in contributing? Or perhaps already working on something and want to make it more visible? Then you’re at the right place!

What to contribute

The main areas of contribution include:

Collecting use cases and problems

Help us make sure we work on stuff that’s relevant to people. Both Fedora users and others who might become Fedora users. Talk to people at events, online forums, or anywhere, really. Ask them on how they run stuff, what pain points they experience, or what would they like to see.

Optimizing Fedora packaging

Look at the use cases and problems we’ve collected and see if there are ways to minimize them by optimizing the packaging. That might include cutting off unnecessary dependencies, switching common dependencies to a single implementation, or even proposing policy changes about packaging.

Working with upstream communities

Many changes go beyond Fedora. Are there any potential code changes that could help us? Or anything that requires coordination upstream? Reach out to upstream communities, offer help, build connections with the members, and help make bigger changes.

Developing tools and services

Ask our maintainers and developers if there’s anything in their minimization-related workflows that could use some automation or a tool, and help develop that. That goes for both making things smaller, as well as keeping them small over time.

Looking at alternative approaches

Look at other Linux distributions, repositories, container images, and other solutions, and compare them with Fedora. Anything they do differently? Maybe even better? What could we experiment with and learn about?

Promoting Minimization and Fedora

Being visible helps us get more feedback, more contributors, and to do a better overall progress. Write blog posts about cool things that are happening, about interesting problems we’re solving, or about examples of using Fedora in various use cases. Submit talks at events, write on social media, make videos, etc.

How to join

If you want to be a listed member of this group, please open an issue, introduce yourself, and tell us how you want to help.

But you don’t need to be a formal team member to contribute. We also welcome ocasional contributions from the whole Fedora community. Just reach out through one of the communication channels.

Current members

Adam Samalik (asamalik) — objective lead

Peter Robinson (pbrobinson)

Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek (zbyszek)

Felipe Borges (feborges)

Neal Gompa (ngompa)

Christian Glombek (lorbus)

Michel Alexandre Salim (salimma)

Troy Dawson (tdawson)

Igor Gnatenko (ignatenkobrain)

Jun Aruga (jaruga)