Supported Platforms

Fedora CoreOS is provisioned via prebuilt disk images, and configured on first-boot via Ignition. Each platform may require specific logic and components, thus dedicated images are provided for each supported environment. Additionally, a unique platform ID is available in the host environment for runtime introspection.

Supported platforms

The currently supported platforms and their identifiers are listed below.




Runtime introspection of platform IDs

Each Fedora CoreOS image boots with a platform-specific identifier, available on the kernel command-line. The name of the parameter is The platform ID is consumed by OS components such as Ignition and Afterburn. Additionally, it can be used in systemd units via ConditionKernelCommandLine=.

See Ignition’s Supported Platforms and Afterburn’s Supported Platforms documentation pages for more details about which features are supported for each platform. Note that some platforms are currently supported by Ignition and Afterburn but are not yet supported by Fedora CoreOS.

The Platform ID can be introspected at runtime, as follows:

CLI example of platform introspection
$ grep -o'[[:alnum:]]*' /proc/cmdline