Kickstart files

Fedora i3 SIG

This page documents the kickstart files used for composing Fedora i3 Spin release images. Kickstart files are used by build automation to compose build assets, like ISOs.

End goal

Create and maintain a kickstart for composes of Fedora with i3 as its default environment.


Coming soon!

How to build an ISO locally

Complete the following steps to build a local ISO of the Fedora i3 Spin.

Install dependencies

sudo dnf install -y lorax pykickstart

Clone Spin repository

git clone

Flatten the kickstart

sudo ksflatten -c fedora-live-i3.ks -o flatten-i3.ks

Build ISO using Lorax

sudo livemedia-creator --make-iso --ks flat-i3.ks --no-virt --iso-only --iso-name fedora-i3-live-x86_64.iso --releasever 34

Create a QEMU virtual machine with the new ISO

qemu-kvm -m 2048 -vga qxl -cdrom fedora-i3-live-x86_64.iso

When --releasever is not specified, it defaults to the current system version.


There are many other ways to build ISOs. This documentation uses Lorax since this is used in Fedora build infrastructure. Try these other ways of building the ISO if you prefer other tooling


sudo livecd-creator --verbose --config=flat-i3.ks --fslabel=Fedora-i3-live --releasever=33 --cache=./cache/live --title=Fedora-i3-Spin



Added the official kickstart repo.


Added first steps on building the ISO locally,


We now have a flat i3 with lightdm-gtk as a Display manager and the live works fine on QEMU/KVM. The ks is initially brached off from XFCE and hence still have some bits that needs to be removed without breaking the live. The respin seems to cause some issues while installing with liveinst on urxvt with a GTK erorr.


For now, we’ve started with flattening/forking two widely used spins: xfce and lxde and adding the i3 packages there to ensure stability among packages. A compose build was made as F32-20200615 with the help of folks from the Respins SiG.

The kickstart files that are available are:

  • flat-i3-lxde.ks which is flattened from flat-live-lxde.ks which we branched for F32 instead of rawhide.

  • flat-i3-xfce.ks whichi is flattened from flat-live-xfce.ks which is also branched for F32.

Both of them were modified in order to add the i3-minimal packages along with the packages used by the specific DE.