POM_REMOVE_DEP(7)             Java Packages Tools            POM_REMOVE_DEP(7)

       pom_remove_dep - remove dependency on Maven artifact from POM file

       %pom_remove_dep [OPTIONS] [groupId]:[artifactId][:version[:scope]]

       %pom_remove_dep [OPTIONS] [org]:[name][:rev[:conf[:transitive]]]

           Work in recursive mode. That means that dependency is also removed
           from all enabled submodules of given POM file(s).

           Do not throw an error when one of the specified files doesn’t
           contain given dependency.

       This macro patches specified POM file not to contain dependencies on
       given Maven artifact.

       groupId and artifactId are identifiers of Maven group and artifact of
       the module on which dependency is to be removed. If they are ommited
       then all identifiers are matched.

       When modifying Ivy modules, the org and name correspond to the Maven
       groupId and artifactId.

       POM location can be either a full path to the POM or Ivy file, or a
       path to the directory containing pom.xml or ivy.xml. If POM location is
       not given then pom.xml or ivy.xml from current working directory is
       used. When both pom.xml and ivy.xml are present, pom.xml is processed.
       You can specify more file locations. If the dependency is not found in
       all of given files, the command raises an error. This can be overriden
       with the -f option.

       %pom_remove_dep com.example: - this call removes dependency on all
       artifacts with groupId com.example from POM in current working

       %pom_remove_dep boo:bar target/location - this call removes dependency
       on artifacts with groupId foo and artifactId bar from

       Written by Mikolaj Izdebski.

       Bugs should be reported through Java Packages Tools issue tracker at
       Github: https://github.com/fedora-java/javapackages/issues.

       pom_add_dep(7), pom_add_parent(7), pom_add_plugin(7),
       pom_disable_module(7), pom_remove_parent(7), pom_remove_plugin(7),
       pom_change_dep(7), pom_set_parent(7), pom_xpath_inject(7),
       pom_xpath_remove(7), pom_xpath_replace(7), pom_xpath_set(7).

JAVAPACKAGES                      07/21/2022                 POM_REMOVE_DEP(7)