Fedora Community Architecture (CommArch)

Justin W. Flory, Fedora community

Welcome to the Fedora documentation site for community architecture. This part of Fedora Docs is the responsibility of the Fedora Community Architect.

About this site

This documentation portal captures information about the Fedora community. This includes information about some teams and community efforts, but it also gathers information about processes and how to contribute. This site does not replace other documentation, but acts as a supplement or pointer to other existing content, when it exists.

What is community architecture (CommArch)?

Community architecture, sometimes shortened as "CommArch", is a sub-discipline of information architecture. It is a term with historical relevance in Open Source communities, yet there is no commonly-agreed definition of what it means. Here is an oversimplified attempt to explain it in a Fedora context:

Community architecture refers to the set of practices and labor involved in supporting a community across multiple stages of growth and development. This labor includes a design-centered approach to launching new initiatives and efforts in the community, as well as ongoing maintenance and stewardship of existing efforts. It typically involves working with a large, diverse group of stakeholders to achieve common goals and realize overlapping ambitions across the project.

This is an imperfect definition and likely to evolve.

How to contribute

The best way for now is to open an issue on GitLab with any questions or ideas.

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Last updated in 2024.