Fedora ELN deliverables

Fedora ELN is a development environment. It is not intended for production use.


The latest production compose of Fedora ELN packages is available at https://odcs.fedoraproject.org/composes/production/latest-Fedora-ELN/

A mirror of this compose is also available at http://mirror.facebook.net/fedora-eln/production/latest-Fedora-ELN/

See also Compose.

Container image

As a part of the compose, we build also container images which are then published to Quay.io image registry under the name quay.io/fedoraci/fedora:eln.

To run Fedora ELN container use:

$ podman run -it quay.io/fedoraci/fedora:eln

Mock environment

To build custom packages for ELN you can setup Mock environment as described at Buildroot.