This page contains random discoveries that we make. We’ll bring some structure to this page as we go.



  • --nodocs or --setopt=tsflags=nodocs

    • Average shrink is 5 to 10M

  • --setopt=install_weak_deps=false

    • Depending on the package could shrink alot, could shrink nothing

    • Can remove some functionality

  • install glibc-minimal-langpack <package(s)>

    • Average shrink is 200M

    • Can remove some language based functionality


These headings can/should be changed. They are what they currently are just for placeholders.

Investigating Minimization

  • httpd

  • nginx

  • mariadb

    • Drop perl ?

      • The two perl scripts in mariadb (mysqlaccess and mysql_find_rows) and might be considered being moved to a sub-package -client-utils, similiar to the perl scripts in -server-utils.

    • Drop systemd ?

      • The mariadb containers start with run-mysqld. systemd is not involved at all.


  • postgresql

    • Drop systemd ?

  • systemd

    • Can we pull it out of more package dependencies


    • Systemd is in all Fedora containers due to a bug in anaconda. Although the bug has been fixed, updating the koji image builders still hasn’t happened.

  • polkit

    • Currently depends on mozjs60

      • It’s rather large, (25M - 30M) can it be removed from some package dependencies ?

      • Possibly use duktape instead of mozjs

      • Request for information has been sent out, no replies yet.

  • perl

    • It’s rather large, can it be removed from some package dependencies ?

Finished Investigation

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