Game Installation

With Fedora 38 their is an issue where Steam installed from Flathub will not start. This issue is being tracked on the Fedora Discussion page
Fedora does not support some of these platforms out of the box due to current policies, thus requiring some additional steps to use. The most common need is setting up RPM-Fusion repository as instructed here. And setting up Flathub.

Games can be installed and played several ways, here are some of them:


Lutris is an Open-Source gaming platform for Linux. It installs and launches games so you can start playing without the hassle of setting up your games. Get your games from GOG, Steam,, Origin, Uplay and many other sources running on any Linux-powered gaming machine. Lutris is also in the default Fedora repos and GNOME Software, making it an absolute breeze to install.


Some of them are already packaged into Fedora. Most are available as Flatpaks. Retroarch (combined frontend for a lot of older (pre-2000) emulators) is trending these days. Retroarch is already in the repos. We also recommend Gnome Games, a Retroarch frontend designed to better integrate with the GNOME Desktop.


Some proprietary but native Linux games have flatpak builds (RuneScape or Minecraft.) Flatpak is an excellent platform for native proprietary games, and pretty much any Linux app where you don’t want the hassle of an RPM.

Native Open-Source Games

There are many excellent open-source games as well! Try running dnf groupinfo “Games” or checking out the Flathub Editor’s choice games list.


Steam’s Proton is the single biggest thing that has boosted Linux gaming. When anyone thinks of Linux gaming, they think of Proton. Valve as a company has done a lot to encourage Linux gaming. All of Valve’s self-published games are Linux native including Half Life Alyx which is a VR title.

While Steam Proton is open source, the Steam client is not.