Configuring X Window System using the xorg.conf file

Peter Lilley Version F35 onwards Last review: 2021-01-03

About xorg.conf

Traditionally, the xorg.conf file is used to configure an Xorg display server. In Fedora (where an Xorg display server is configured instead of the default Wayland) the X configuration is determined automatically each time X is started. As a result, no xorg.conf file is created. In most cases, this works well and there is no need to manually specify X configuration.

If you need to make manual changes to your X configuration for any reason, you will first need to create an xorg.conf file.

Creating an xorg.conf file

You can create a basic file using the X executable. It will contain sections and entries that you can edit to suit your needs. To create the file, enter this command as root:

# Xorg :1 -configure

Next, copy the file to the correct location:

# cp /root/ /etc/X11/xorg.conf

Now you may edit the file according to your needs.

See the xorg.conf(5) man page for more information.

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