Fedora Program Management

Keep up to date with program management information on the Fedora Community Blog or by attending the weekly FPgM office hours at 0900 or 1600 (America/Indiana/Indianapolis) Wednesdays in #fedora-meeting-1.

To report issues with schedules, file an issue in the schedule repo. To report an issue with this document, file an issue in the pgm_docs repo.

Fedora Operations Architect

Within the Fedora Project, the Operations Architect is primarily responsible for program management. This includes:

  • planning and scheduling of Fedora Linux releases

  • tracking the changes during the development cycle

  • release coordination (with QA, Release Engineering, FESCo, etc.)

  • elections management

  • serving as an auxiliary member of the Fedora Council

  • providing consultation and guidance for program and project management in Fedora

The position is currently held by Aoife Moloney.

Release Planning

Program management SOPs

The Program Management Guide contains documentation for how to perform program management functions in Fedora, i.e. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).