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Setting an installed kernel to boot by default To set a specific installed kernel to boot by default, first check the kernels installed on the system. Identify the kernel to… Read more

Building a Custom Kernel

This document provides instructions for advanced users who want to rebuild the kernel from some source. Some common reasons to build a custom kernel are: To apply patches for testing… Read more

Installing Kernel from Koji

A quick guide on installing a kernel from the Koji repository. Koji is the build system Fedora developers use to build software for inclusion into Fedora. If there is a… Read more

Fedora Linux Kernel Overview

Update Schedule The Fedora Linux kernel closely follows the upstream kernel releases. To see the current versions in Fedora, check out the packages application. Stable Releases Stable releases of Fedora… Read more

Kernel Test Days

A quick guide for Kernel Test Days. During Kernel Test Days, contributors are asked to run a Kernel Regression Test which will help to detect and troubleshoot any issue with… Read more

Testing Patches

A quick guide for testing if a patch resolves your issue. Occassionally, when attempting to resolve a kernel issue (particularly one that’s specific to your hardware) you may be asked… Read more


The kernel, like any software, has bugs. It’s a large, complex project and can be difficult to troubleshoot problems. This document covers some basic troubleshooting techniques to help narrow down… Read more