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Web Development

PHP 7.2

Fedora 28 provides PHP 7.2.

As the list of changes is too extensive to cover in this document, and at the same time all changes are documented upstream, you are encouraged to read the upstream changelog and upgrade notes. A migration guide is also available to anyone wishing to migrate from version 7.1.

Django 2.0

Fedora 28 provides versin 2.0 of the Django framework. Notable changes include:

  • Simplified routing syntax

  • Mobile-friendly administration interfaces

  • Brand new Windows expressions

Django 2.0 only supports Python 3, support for Python 2 has been dropped. If you previously used python2-django from a RPM package, make sure you use python3-django and run your code on Python 3. A backward compatible package, python2-django1.11, is also provided for cases where migration to Python 3 is not possible.

See the upstream release notes for a full list of changes in this release.