Providing services

Peter Boy Version F35-F37 Last review: 2022-00-00

Status: Work in Progress

The purpose of installing a server is to provide services to the public or internally within an organization. This classically includes web servers, database servers, file servers, and much more. Fedora Server Edition supports installation and administration of many services in a way that simplifies and facilitates the work of system administrators and makes the ongoing operation as secure as possible.
Preliminary considerations and preparations


PostgreSQL database server – Installation

PostgreSQL is the recommended and specifically supported universal database management system.

File sharing with NFS – Installation

NFS, the Network File System, is a mature protocol designed to share files between Unix-type systems. Fedora Server Edition installs it by default, although without configuring and not activated.

File sharing with NFS – Administration using Cockpit

File sharing is a wide-spread use case in the server world and accordingly administration of file shares a common and frequent task of system administration. Cockpit provides a graphical administration interface which greatly facilitates and simplifies this routine task.