EPEL Packagers SIG


EPEL Packagers SIG is a dist-git group. Being a member of that group allows you to work with packages that have added the epel-packagers-sig group as a collaborator on their packages. You will be able to branch, build and work on those EPEL packages.

You do not need to be a member of the EPEL Packagers SIG to build packages on EPEL.

EPEL Packagers SIG Sponsors are SIG members that are also on the EPEL Steering Committee.


There is often a lag between a new Enterprise Linux release being available, and extra packages being available for it:

  • That package has to be branched and built

  • The existing maintainers have to decide if they want to support the latest EPEL or not

  • Rinse and repeat for every dependency

  • Then have years of maintenance and updates for that package

Adding the epel-packagers-sig group as a collaborator for a package gives the regular package maintainer(s) more people to maintain it over the years. It can also help get the package into the latest version of EPEL faster.


We aim to be somewhere in between the language-based SIGs (e.g. the Python SIG) and being "provenpackagers for EPEL":

  • like the language-based SIG, it’s opt in: if a package maintainer would like help maintaining their packages for EPEL, they can add epel-packagers-sig as co-maintainers

  • SIG members can request new EPEL branches for packages they co-maintain

  • SIG members can mark packages they co-maintain to be automatically branched for the next EPEL release

Existing maintainers can decide whether to give the SIG commit access (in which case SIG members can also commit to Rawhide and Fedora branches), or only collaborator access (with epel repos allowlisted). Collaborator access is now sufficient to both request branches and push updates.

Automatic branching is not implemented yet.


Candidate packages for onboarding — NEW branch requests over two weeks old. We should consider reviewing this periodically.

Branch requests and/or bug requests that need to be brought into the SIG’s attention should block the EPELPackagersSIG tracker.

See the guidelines for stalled requests for follow-ups if a branch request has been stale for at least a week.

Joining the EPEL Packagers SIG

Getting added to epel-packagers-sig grants collective access to all packages this group has access to, so we do need to be more careful when adding new contributors to this group.

A candidate should be a skilled package maintainer who is experienced in a wide variety of package types and who are familiar with the Fedora packaging guidelines and EPEL package maintainer policies. They should have been packaging with Fedora and/or EPEL for at least a year.

The procedure is similar to that for provenpackagers.

  • File a ticket in the EPEL issue tracker indicating why you wish to become a member.

  • A Packagers SIG Sponsor will send an e-mail to the SIG members, so they are aware about the ticket.

  • Packagers SIG Sponsors vote in the EPEL ticket.

  • You must get at least 1 positive votes from SIG Sponsor with no negative votes, over a one week review period, to be approved.

If you haven’t been approved after one week, the EPEL Steering Committee will vote (normal EPEL voting mechanism applies).

Get to work

See the guidelines for stalled requests for follow-ups if a branch request has been stale for at least a week.

Communicating with the EPEL Packagers SIG

We use the same communication channels as EPEL; see Communicating with EPEL for details.