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Stratis 3.5

This upgrade to Stratis 3.5 includes new releases of stratisd 3.5.2 and stratis-cli 3.5.1.

In Stratis 3.3.0, support for growing a physical device was added, extension of filesystems was parallelized, and management of the the thinpool was further stabilized through an improved algorithm for metadata allocation.

In Stratis 3.4.0, support for specifying a pool by name as well as UUID when starting a pool was added.

Since Stratis 3.5.0, when a pool with a cache is encrypted, its cache is also encrypted.

Since Stratis 3.5.2, a new subpackage, stratisd-tools, containing the stratis-dumpmetadata tool, is included among the stratisd packages.

Please see the stratisd changelog and the stratis-cli changelog for further details.