Managing Bugzilla email notifications

Ben Cotton Version F36 onwards Last review: 2022-03-11

Bugzilla allows you to set granular email notification preferences.

Email preferences

To set your email preferences, go to the Email Preferences tab of your user preferences. You will see a grid that allows you to select to receive notifications based on the bug activity (rows) and your relationship to the bug (columns).

In addition, you can exclude notifications when you are the one making the change or when the change is marked as a "minor update".

The Email preferences tab also allows you to ignore specific bugs.

Watch components

If you want to get notifications for all bugs in a specific component, go to the Watch Components tab of your user preferences. You can select the components you want to watch.

Watching a component will still follow the email preferences you set.

If you are a package maintainer, you do not need to add notifications for the packages you maintain. The release engineering automation will add you automatically.

Watch specific bugs

If you want to track a specific but, you can add yourself to the CC list.

  1. On the bug you want to watch, click the Add me to CC list box.

  2. Check the This is a minor update (do not send email) box. (This step is optional, but is a polite choice to reduce email notifications. If you take other actions beyond adding yourself to the CC list, use your best judgement.)

  3. Click the Save Changes button.