Joining EPEL

There are many ways to join in and help out with EPEL. A few are listed below. If you think of another way to help out, feel free to bring it up on our mailing list or at our weekly meetings.

Maintaining Packages

Package Maintainers update, fix bugs and improve packages in the EPEL collection. See the EPEL Package Maintainers page for more information on roles and how to join this group.

Testing and Quality Assurance

EPEL strives to ship packages that are as stable and bug free as possible. Testing of packages is always welcome. EPEL uses the Bodhi updates system to manage updates. Packages enter the epel-testing repository where they MUST spend 2 weeks or until sufficient testing is done on them. See our EPEL QA page for information on helping with testing and quality assurance.

Release Engineering

EPEL Release engineering is responsible for making sure packages are built and signed and mirrored out. Currently this group is a subset of the Fedora Release Engineering group. See the Fedora Release Engineering page for more information.