Getting Help

There are several places to find help:

Quick Docs

Firstly, Fedora Quick Docs is a collection of short HOWTO and FAQ style documentation for Fedora users.

Fedora Documentation

Then there is the official documentation. Many answers can be found here. If you don’t find what you need in the documentation or you need more detail, you can ask a question via the forums below.

Fedora Discussion

Fedora has a strong community that is ready to help you. Because users and contributors span the globe, a key element to the project is communication. See the Project Communications page for more details.

Ask Fedora is the main community knowledge base and support forum hosted by the Fedora Project within Fedora Discussion (below). Visit Ask Fedora for support and troubleshooting help.

Within Fedora Discussion you will find all the latest news & announcements. It is also the place to talk about open source projects, workflows, and Fedora-specific offerings such as the Editions: Fedora Workstation, Fedora Server, Fedora CoreOS, Fedora Silverblue, and more…​.

Fedora Chat

Fedora’s official chat platform (powered by Matrix) is the place to go for more synchronous, real time communication. Fedora Chat on Matrix is the preferred platform for the future of Fedora Chat, however many of the Fedora Linux channels on IRC at Libera Chat are still bridged to Fedora Chat on Matrix to allow continued use of IRC during the transition.

If you’re interested in why Fedora’s primary communications are moving to Matrix, check out this presentation on the Fedora YouTube channel by Fedora Project Leader Matthew Miller.


If you believe you’ve found a bug you can report it through Bugzilla. The "Using Bugzilla" page will give you any guidance you need to do this. You can also ask on Ask Fedora (as above) to get advice on filing a good bug report.