Java Packaging HOWTO


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Before you start reading, please make sure that you’re reading the version corresponding to the oldest Fedora release you want to package for. We don’t generally backport new features to versions available in stable Fedora.

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Authors and contributing

The authors of this document are:

  • Mikolaj Izdebski, Red Hat

  • Nicolas Mailhot, JPackage Project

  • Stanislav Ochotnicky, Red Hat

  • Ville Skyttä, JPackage Project

  • Michal Srb, Red Hat

  • Michael Simacek, Red Hat

This document is free software; see the license for terms of use, distribution and/or modification.

The source code for this document is available in git repository. Instructions for building it from sources are available in README file.

This document is developed as part of Javapackages community project, which welcomes new contributors. Requests and comments related to this document should be reported at Red Hat Bugzilla.

Before contributing please read the README file, which among other things includes basic rules which should be followed when working on this document. You can send patches to Red Hat Bugzilla. They should be in git format and should be prepared against master branch in git. Alternatively you can also send pull requests at Github repository.


This document aims to help developers create and maintain Java packages in Fedora. It does not supersede or replace Java Packaging Guidelines, but rather aims to document tools and techniques used for packaging Java software on Fedora.