What Is Transtats?

Fedora Localization Team Last review: 2023-08-13

Transtats is a web application which tries to tie up upstream repositories, translation platforms, build system, and product release schedule together to solve problems of mismatch, out-of-sync conditions and to assist the timely packaging of quality translations. Actually, it collects translation data, analyzes them, and creates meaningful representations.

Fedora Transtats is hosted at https://transtats.fedoraproject.org

transtats landing

Track Translations

How to see the translation status of a package?

Just select Packages tab from left hand side navigation bar. This takes us to the packages list view. Then, search for the package and click on its name. For example anaconda.

anaconda pkg

We can reach here from https://src.fedoraproject.org/rpms/anaconda as well.

On package details page, locate following:

anaconda details

Languages in red color indicate that there are translated strings remaining in the Translation Platform to be pulled and packaged, whereas, yellow denote translated messages could not make 100% in the built package.

anaconda stats

Here, we have translation statistics from translation platform: Weblate and Koji build system. Syncs with the platform and build system are scheduled, which update differences periodically.

Login to add a new package

transtats login

transtats new package

Package name should match the project name on https://translate.fedoraproject.org.

How to see the translation status of a language?

Use Languages tab to list all the supported languages. Click on any of the languages, say, German. This takes us to the translation status page.

german stats

We can navigate further into details to estimate the translation work for a release.

How to see the translation status of a territory?

Click on any of the territories from the map, say India. This shows high level statistics.

territory stats

Create Reports

Coverage rules can be created for a set of packages for specific details around string differences.

coverage report

Transtats exposes an array of REST end points. See https://transtats.fedoraproject.org/api-docs/

For further information, please visit Transtats Documentation.