Inactive Provenpackagers SOP

This document describes the process for identifying and removing inactive provenpackagers in accordance with FESCo policy.


This process occurs once per release cycle, starting at or near the branch day. It occurs in two parts.


Identify and notify inactive provenpackagers

  1. Generate a kerberos ticket with fkinit -u <YOUR FEDORA ACCOUNT ID>

  2. Run the script from the pgm_scripts repo. This script iterates over all members of the provenpackagers group, so it may take a while. Since it’s a read-only operation, it’s safe to re-run if it gets interrupted.

  3. Send an announcement of accounts identified as inactive using the template below. Use the devel-announce mailing list in the to: field and bcc the addresses of listed as inactive.

In accordance with FESCo policy[1], the following provenpackagers will
be submitted for removal in two weeks based on a lack of Koji builds
submitted in the last six months. If you received this directly, you
can reply off-list to indicate you should still be in the
provenpackager group.

Note that removal from this group is not a "punishment" or a lack of
appreciation for the work you have done. The intent of the process is
to ensure contributors with distro-wide package privileges are still
active and responsive. This process is done regularly at the branch
point in each release.


<OUTPUT of script>

Request removal of inactive provenpackagers

  1. Wait two weeks from the initial notification.

  2. File an issue with the Infrastructure team listing the accounts to remove from the provenpackagers group.