Excluded FOSS software

Some Free/Open Source Software cannot be included in Fedora Linux because of various technical reasons. This page documents these tools and includes suggestions and alternatives for users.

Software Description Why not included Suggestion

Brian (version 1)

A clock driven simulator for spiking neural networks.

Version 1 is no longer being developed. It also does not support Python 3 and thus cannot be included in Fedora.

Please use Brian2 which is included in Fedora.


HDFView is a visual tool for browsing and editing HDF4 and HDF5 files.

It requires certain dependencies to build that cannot currently be included in Fedora. Please see this bug for more information.

The HDF Group provides ready to use binaries for HDFView. Please download them directly from their website. You can use the build for CentOS 7.


Open Source Machine Learning framework

PyTorch is heavily reliant on CUDA for distributed processing, but since Nvidia drivers and CUDA cannot be included in Fedora, including a non-distributed version in Fedora is not currently a useful thing to do. Discussion.

Users may install PyTorch themselves after installing the Nvidia drivers/CUDA.