Removing Layered Packages

Revert All Changes with a Rollback

If the entire image needs to be reverted to a pristine or known state, you can rollback to the previous version.

$ sudo rpm-ostree rollback --reboot

Remove Select Layered Packages

The rpm-ostree utility also has an uninstall option to remove individual layered packages:

$ rpm-ostree uninstall --help
  rpm-ostree uninstall [OPTION…] PACKAGE [PACKAGE...]

Remove overlayed additional packages

Help Options:
  -h, --help              Show help options

Application Options:
  --install=PKG           Overlay additional package
  --all                   Remove all overlayed additional packages
  --os=OSNAME             Operate on provided OSNAME
  -r, --reboot            Initiate a reboot after operation is complete
  -n, --dry-run           Exit after printing the transaction
  --allow-inactive        Allow inactive package requests
  --idempotent            Do nothing if package already (un)installed
  --unchanged-exit-77     If no overlays were changed, exit 77
  --sysroot=SYSROOT       Use system root SYSROOT (default: /)
  --peer                  Force a peer-to-peer connection instead of using the system message bus
  --version               Print version information and exit

Like the install or rollback, a system reboot will be required to activate the new image.