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IBus 1.5.27

  • ibus restart subcommand is enhanced for the GNOME desktop session. Previously ibus restart subcommand failed to restart ibus-daemon but now it’s also connected to systemd by default. The other options can be shown with ibus restart --help subcommand.

  • ibus im-module subcommand is added newly to get an internal gtk-im-module value from an instance of an GTK instance and this subcommand would be useful in case that users install IBus input method framework by manual and they check if IBus is installed properly.

  • IBus Emoji shortcut key is now reverted to 🪟+.(Super+Period).

  • IBus theme of the candidate window can be customized with ibus-setup utility in non-GNOME desktop sessions. IBus theme has inherited the GTK themes in the desktop session by default and this is useful for other desktop sessions likes KDE.

ibus-libpinyin 1.13

The ibus-libpinyin package will make English input and Table input in the "Intelligent Pinyin" input method easier.

Gettext Runtime Subpackage

Two subpackages gettext-runtime and gettext-envsubst have been added to gettext to separate out the programs needed at runtime, reducing the default install footprint.

Enhanced Persian font support

In previous Fedora releases, the Persian (fa) locale used multiple different fonts such as DejaVu and Noto Sans Arabic for various programs, leading to an inconsistent and suboptimal experience. Fedora 37 adds the vazirmatn-vf-fonts package containing the Vazirmatn font, which is now used by default everywhere, providing improved user experience to those who use the fa locale.

Firefox now has a langpacks subpackage

Firefox’s langpacks are now installed in a separate recommended subpackage for greater flexibility. This enhances Fedora’s modularity and allows you to install Firefox without support for all available languages if not needed.