Fedora 社区架构师 (FCA)

Fedora 社区架构师 (FCA) 由 Red Hat 全职聘用,负责领导 Fedora 用户和开发者社区的发展计划。 他们还帮助红帽和 Fedora 之间的互动更加透明和开放。 Fedora 社区的预算通过红帽开源项目办公室 (OSPO) 提交给我们。 该职位有助于决策如何最好地集中预算,以实现我们社区的目标。 FCA 支持 项目负责人 处理所有“社区”事务,并直接与 Fedora 领导层合作,为项目带来更多的光和热。

FCA 是 Fedora 最高级别的社区领导和管理机构 Fedora Council中的社区架构师席位。 Fedora Council负责管理整个 Fedora 项目,支持 Fedora 社区的健康发展。

认识 FCA

Justin W. Flory (男)

Justin W. Flory(男)于 2022 年 10 月成为 Fedora 社区架构师。

贾斯汀是一位创意制作人。 他最著名的身份是来自美国的开源贡献者和自由文化倡导者。

近十年来,Justin 参与了众多开源社区的工作,并领导了各种旨在构建可持续软件和社区的活动。 其中包括他自 2015 年以来参与的 Fedora 项目。 在 Fedora,他共同创建并领导了 社区运营 团队长达四年之久,并且是 多样性、公平与包容团队的创始成员之一。 您可以在 [他的网站 ]link:https://jwf.io/#fedora 上阅读更多有关 Justin 过去和现在 Fedora 活动的信息。

在加入 Red Hat 之前,从 2020 年 6 月到 2022 年 9 月,Justin 作为首位开源技术顾问为 联合国儿童基金会创新办公室提供支持。 在联合国儿童基金会,他为 联合国儿童基金会风险基金 和创新办公室内的其他开源活动提供支持。 Justin与指导团队一起,指导了来自五大洲十九个国家的二十三家初创公司。


Fedora Council

  • Work with other Fedora Council members to identify the short, medium, and long term goals of the Fedora community and to organize and enable the project to best achieve them

  • Primary Fedora Council member with responsibility for the development of the annual Fedora community budget

  • Participate in decision-making about use of trademarks, project structure, community disputes or complaints, and other such issues

Special Initiatives

  • Design and spearhead special initiatives to grow user and contributor bases


  • Implement metrics for community engagement, participation, and satisfaction; create and execute projects to improve those metrics; report regularly on progress and adjust approach as needed


  • Identify opportunities to engage new contributors and community members; align project around supporting those opportunities

Liaise between Red Hat and FOSS Community

  • Communicate community needs to Red Hat and participate in regular meetings with internal Red Hat stakeholders; align Red Hat participation in Fedora beyond platform engineering

  • Represent Red Hat’s stake in Fedora community success

  • Improve on-boarding materials and presentation of Fedora to new Red Hat hires; develop standardized materials on Fedora which can be used at Red Hat globally.


The Fedora Community Architect works with the Fedora Council and Red Hat Open Source Program Office (OSPO) to determine the annual Fedora Budget.

  • Ensure that budget is published and tracked transparently, with a public page indicating how each year’s budget is earmarked and its current state.

Fedora Event Planning and Participation

Participate in planning and organizing Fedora’s Flagship events each year, including:

  • Flock, Nest, & Hatch

  • Release Parties

  • Fedora contributor hackfests

The Fedora Community Architect also represents Fedora at other major industry conferences and hackathons such as:

  • All Things Open

  • DevConf CZ, IN, US


  • PyCon (and Sprints)

  • LibrePlanet

  • Red Hat Summit


The Fedora Community Architect provides and facilitates regular communications to Fedora Magazine, the Fedora Community Blog, and other mass communication channels to talk about community goals/progress and general community boosting.

Previous Fedora Community Architects

Marie Nordin

November 2019 – October 2022 (Fedora Linux 31 to 37)

Brian Exelbierd

October 2016 – November 2019 (Fedora Linux 25 to 31)

Remy DeCausemaker

February 2015 – June 2016 (Fedora Linux 22 to 24)

What about FCAIC and FCL?

The title of this role evolved and changed over the years since its inception in February 2015. The creation of the role was largely envisioned and advocated for by Robyn Bergeron, then the Fedora Project Leader. When the role was first created, the role title was Fedora Community Outreach and Impact Lead, which was often shortened to Fedora Community Lead (FCL). At the time, the FCL role provided needed separation of responsibilities with the Fedora Project Leader, including the role of organizing the annual Fedora contributor conference, Flock. However, the FCL title did not feel totally right either. Anyone can be a leader in the Fedora community, whether they are employed by Red Hat or not! We did not want to imply otherwise.

Later, in October 2016, the role title was changed to Fedora Community Action & Impact Coordinator (FCAIC). This title was lengthier but better captured what community engagement means in a large, globally-distributed community like Fedora. Over time, more projects, organizations, and companies working on Free & Open Source Software (FOSS) introduced new roles in community management and leadership. However, community work does not have an industry-accepted job ladder, as is more common with software engineering. Red Hat eventually settled on the title of community architect for community work in its pioneering Open Source communities.

Fast forward to 2023. The landscape has changed and evolved! So, it was the ideal time to reflect on the title for this role. The title was changed in January 2023 to Fedora Community Architect (FCA). Ultimately, the goal of changing the name was to better describe the role and what the FCA does in Fedora. The lengthy "FCAIC" title usually came with an explanation to others unfamiliar with Fedora and our community culture. FCA is also a handy shortening of the longer FCAIC acronym too!