Mass Branching Checklist


At each alpha freeze, a mass branching process is conducted to separate the pending release from devel/ branch. This allows Rawhide to continue while the pending release undergoes bugfix and polish activities.


T-1 Day actions for mass branching

Send Announcement

  • One day prior to mass branching, send out an announcement notifying the community about the upcoming mass branching. Mention that new Koji builds for Rawhide will be disabled during the process.

Signing keys for rawhide+1

Action: add a separate SOP for the same

Repos to Branch

  • Update the following repositories we need to prepare before the mass branching occurs: (Two Branches needs to be upserted (rawhide needs update, and the branched branch needs to be created)


Rawhide Branch
  • Check for all the RELEASE, RELEASE_TITLE, COMPSFILE (all this points to rawhide version)

  • Make sure to update the sigkeys for the latest rawhide version

  • Files to change:




  • fedora-cloud.conf

  • fedora-container.conf

  • fedora.conf

Branched (FN) Branch
  • Files to change:

  • general.conf runroot_tag = 'fN-build'

  • fedora.conf

  • (All rawhide occurrences should be updated to FN version, release_version, global_ksurl, global_version)

  • ostree use fN branch for config (Update "config_branch" to point to fN from main)


  • (All rawhide occurrences should be updated to FN version, and TARGET_DIR needs to be changed to branched from rawhide, RELEASE_TITLE, FROM)

Fedora Kickstarts

Fedora Comps

Rawhide Branch
  • Update the Makefile to rawhide version

  • For fn+1 (rawhide) file: Create a (copy it from the last file and update/sync it according to changesets)

    • Sync Rawhide with changes from Fedora 40: make sure of including the changeset changes occured in the branched repo

Workstation Ostree Config

Rawhide/Main Branch
Branched (FN) Branch
  • Change all the rawhide references to point to fN version (grep for rawhide and replace it with the branched version)

Fedora Release

Rawhide Branch
  • Need to update the dist_version and Version in the spec file, with a changelog entry

Branched (FN) Branch
  • Need to update the release_name from rawhide to branched and is_rawhide should be 0

Fedora Repos

Rawhide Branch
Branched (FN) Branch


  • Update the Bodhi2 role in the infra ansible repository. This includes updating, new-updates-sync, Pungi configs for RPM updates, and Bodhi templates.

Enable Branched Compose
  • Enable the branched compose in the releng role of the infra ansible repository.

Fedora Branched
  • Set FedoraBranched and FedoraBranchedBodhi variables to appropriate values in the infra ansible repository.

Koji Hub
  • Update the Koji hub configuration to allow side tags for the new Rawhide tag.

  • Update the Robosignatory role in the infra ansible repository. Disable branched signing and add the new release.

  • Always check if there is a new artifact that got introduced in the release cycle, if so then we need to handle it more properly with robosignatory and include it in relevant files. (confirm this more with seniors)

Fedora Release
  • Update the fedora-release package in Rawhide and the Branched release, including necessary changes to fedora-release.spec.

Fedora Repos
  • Update the fedora-repos package in Rawhide, Branched, and stable release branches to receive new GPG keys and updated symlinks.


bug_fixes = 'YYYY-MM-DD'
security_fixes = 'YYYY-MM-DD'

T Day actions for mass branching

(for reviewers here is a checklist that one can copy this on the releng tracker so we can keep track of everything needed in one place)

Merging and running ansible changes

Push the Changes

  • Commit, push, and apply the changes using the corresponding ansible playbooks for various services.

Disable Rawhide Builds in Koji

  • Configure an outage in Koji to disable Rawhide builds.

  • Cancel all running builds for Rawhide by listing and selecting relevant tasks, and then cancel each task.

PDC (Product Definition Center)

  • Create a new "product-release" in PDC using the provided script.

  • Clone or update the releng repository on PDC backend.

  • Run the script to set up the new release branches, ensuring to use the --createfile argument.


  • Run the make-koji-release-tags script from the releng repository to handle builds from the new branch.


  • Create new branches in Git and update gitolite.conf to allow users to push to the new branches.

  • Run the script to create new branches based on the file generated by PDC.


  • Link empty repos and create empty repos as necessary to prepare for the new release.

  • Create rawhide releases in Bodhi using appropriate commands for various types of releases (e.g., standard, container, flatpak).

  • Update MirrorManager to point to the new Rawhide release.

  • Enable autosigning on the Branched release after the compose is completed.

  • Perform ELN-related work, including updating image configurations and scripts.

Fedora Container Base Image

  • Import new images for Rawhide and update tags for fedora:rawhide and fedora:$41.

Update Sync Script

  • Update the sync script in the releng repository with the new version.