QGnomePlatform and Adwaita-qt are not shipped and provided as default

Previously, Fedora Workstation has been using QGnomePlatform and Adwaita-qt plugins by default to apply GNOME-like configuration and styling to Qt applications to match the OS environment. These plugins are now outdated and occasionally even non-functioning for other applications. As a result, QGnomePlatform and Adwaita-qt will not be released for Fedora Workstation 39.

QGnomePlatform will be replaced by GTK Platform Theme in Qt to attract broader usage and more contributors for example for Client-Side Window Decorations design.

Adwaita-qt will be replaced by the Fusion style, which has active upstream community and broad usage.

LibreOffice 7.6

Fedora 39 provides version 7.6 of the LibreOffice office suite. You can find out about new features in this version in the upstream release notes.