Maintaining a Spin

Making changes

The contents and configuration of Spins come from kickstart files in the fedora-kickstarts repo. To make changes, you can submit pull requests against the appropriate file. If you have a particularly meaningful change to make, you may want to file a Change proposal in order to communicate it to the wider community (and get it into the release notes).

Monitoring status

You may want to start watching the failed composes repo to see when your Spin fails to compose. Currently, you can’t get per-Spin notifications, so you’ll get notified for all failures. You’ll probably want to set up a mail filter for this.

If you’re not sure what a failure message means or how to resolve it, ask for help on the spins or devel mailing lists, in chat, or somewhere else that seems appropriate.

Release-blocking status

Spins are not release-blocking by default. If you want your Spin to block the release, FESCo must approve this.

In addition, we do not re-run release candidate composes for failed non-blocking deliverables. That means if your spin fails in the release candidate compose, it will not be a part of the official release artifacts. Most failures these days are systemic (in other words, they represent an actual problem with the Spin), so it’s on Spin maintainers to watch for and resolve failures as the Go/No-Go decision approaches.


Once per release cycle, the Fedora Program Manager will check with all Spin maintainers to ensure the Spin should continue to be produced. If you do not respond, the Program Manager will attempt to find someone to take maintainership of the Spin.