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Configuring X Window System using the xorg.conf file

About xorg.conf Traditionally, the xorg.conf file is used to configure an Xorg display server. In Fedora (where an Xorg display server is configured instead of the default Wayland) the X… Read more

Configurar Xorg como sesión predeterminada de GNOME

Wayland es el servidor de visualización por defecto en GNOME y ha sido el predeterminado en Fedora desde Fedora 25. Sin embargo, es posible que algunos usuarios aún necesiten usar… Read more

CUPS – Known Issues

Here are several known issues, which arise with certain circumstances, and there isn’t general solution or upstream didn’t want to add the solution to its project: cups-browsed Cannot print due… Read more

CUPS – Printing and Scanning Terminology

Printing Print queue Abstraction unit in CUPS for a printer - it has a device uri, which represents connection to the device, and can exist with classic driver (PPD file… Read more

CUPS – Useful Tricks

How to install a print queue The fact whether you have to install a printer or not depends on several things: what is the device you want to install -… Read more

Deshabilitando el bloqueo automático de pantalla de GNOME

In the interest of safety and privacy, the GNOME automatic screen lock is enabled by default. When the screen locks after a period of inactivity, you must enter your password… Read more

Displaying a User Prompt on the GNOME Login Screen

To show a user prompt instead of a list of users on the GNOME login screen, open a terminal and perform the following steps: Create a file for the GNOME… Read more

Setting a key shortcut to run an application in GNOME

If you frequently use a certain application, you can set a keyboard shortcut to quickly launch that application on GNOME. This example shows how to set a key shortcut to… Read more

Exrensiones de GNOME Shell

Desde el sitio web: "Las extensiones de GNOME Shell son pequeñas piezas de código escritas por desarrolladores de tercera parte que modifican la forma en la que GNOME trabaja. Si… Read more

Administrar los atajos de teclado para ejecutar una aplicación en GNOME

Adding keyboard shortcuts for custom applications in GNOME This section describes how to add a keyboard shortcut for starting a custom application in GNOME. Procedure Open Settings and choose the… Read more