Fedora Websites & Apps Engineering Team

Welcome to the official documentation for the Fedora Websites & Apps Engineering Team.

Points of contact


The team takes care maintenance and development of websites and applications while constantly keeping up with UI/UX reviews, mentoring contributors and organizing meetings.


  1. Multiple contributors from Design team, Fedora Infra, Red Hat’s Open Source Program Office and Community Platform Engineering team etc. have been participating in discussions over at the chatroom.

  2. Websites have been maintained in their current state and operations on translations/content/verification are continually performed while keeping up with the relevant release cycle of Fedora Linux.

  3. Contributor onboarding and retention, active communication with the outer community on Discussion fp.o. regarding planning topics and retrospective feedback on tasks have been actively performed.

  4. Members, Akashdeep Dhar and Francois Andrieu have been instrumental in mentoring an intern, Subhangi Choudhary to revamp the web application used for aggregating IRC meeting logs and summaries.

  5. Members, Michael Scherer and Onuralp Sezer have been instrumental in mentoring an intern, Ojong Enow to assist with maintaining a certain set of websites and rebooting the websites/apps index.

  6. With active representation in the events like Nest With Fedora and Fedora Linux Release Parties, the team had been reaching out to garner more feedback on the work done so far and acquire contributors for assistance.