Council Objective

We started off some months ago with a successful objective proposal to put the time and effort into revamping not just the websites and applications that we maintain, but the way the community around it is organized.


To reboot the websites team to include webapps in the scope of work and set up the team so that they can grow capacity in the future to build new exciting apps to meet community needs.

Logic Model

logic model


Fedora has an active, engaged team that takes care of our main websites and all of our various community webapps. New folks who show up with an interest in code contributions find this an easy place to jump in. Members of the team are empowered to do the work they’re interested in and are connected to the other parts of the project related to getting those things done.


  1. The team is happy, excited, recognized, and rewarded.

  2. The team has experience and ability with updating legacy Fedora webapps and sites.

  3. The Fedora websites are reliably updated when new Fedora Linux releases come out.

  4. The team knows what they’re focused on, and that focus meets user needs.

  5. Information about Fedora Websites & Apps is accessible and easy to find.

  6. It’s easy to find tasks for every skill level and interest.

  7. Requests and PRs are handled promptly.

  8. Mentorship is available, both for interested new members and for all members needing to get things done in Fedora infrastructure.

  9. Websites team is participating in the Mindshare Committee.


  1. Badges! Team swag!

  2. At least one webapp (møte) is modernized, as well as one web site (spins/labs).

  3. A documented plan for updating websites on new Fedora Linux releases, with understood team roles and responsibilities.

  4. A selected list of apps and websites with service level expectations. The websites in use are the most maintained ones.

  5. A continuously curated list of issues and tasks, organized by skillset and interest.

  6. Updated Fedora Websites documentation that explains the inventory of websites and how to get involved.

  7. A documented process is in plce for making sure requests (both PRs and requests for work) are triaged in a timely manner.

  8. "Websites Apprentices" program in place, and connections with Fedora Infrastructure team established.

  9. Fedora Mindshare Committee has an active, engaged representative to represent Fedora’s Websites & Apps community.


  1. Create team badges Request team swag.

  2. Develop new version of møte. Update spins website to new framework. [Link to tasks]

  3. Document new release procedures and roles. Document specific team member responsibilities for release days and other critical needs.

  4. Inventory the existing apps and websites and decide what can be done about each. Where possible, mark older versions of websites as "outdated" and redirect to proper place. Encourage users (via design, documentation, and communication) towards the newer, maintained tools.

  5. Add new modules to the Fedora Websites docs based on different apps. Gradually migrate old docs in GitHub to the Docs repository.

  6. Regular meetings for the team that include triaging the W&A repo. [Smaller task: update repo with new tags]

  7. Continuous review of incoming work; create reports showing response time and regularly reflect on those metrics.

  8. Define Website Apprentice & mentorship role.

  9. Create updated process for Web & Apps Team Rep to Mindshare and implement.


  1. Badges team to create badges. FCAIC and Design team for team swag. #action riecat

  2. Developers working on møte. Infra team or CPE for updating where it runs. Rick to mentor in porting Spins website?

  3. Program management team to help with documented processes. (#action bcotton). Docs skills to update team docs.fp.o website (#action relrod+jwf).

  4. OSPO and CPE list of existing apps. Someone to build a comprehensive map. Designers to work on best pratices for unified UX.

  5. Fedora Docs team for documentation operations ("doc ops"). Websites & Apps team to maintain the documentation content.

  6. The team and people interested in doing the triage work. Program Management team may help here too?

  7. As #6!

  8. Interested team members. Mentorship training provided by Council.

  9. Mindshare team to help onboarding. Someone to update docs in project docs.